frequently asked questions

  1. We provide total communications solutions to empower global and Indian corporations, public sector & government bodies, small & medium enterprises, and start-ups.
  2. With market-leading enterprise mobility, robust fixed line connectivity, world-class IoT solutions and insightful business analytics & digital solutions, we bring the smartest and newest technologies to serve businesses in the digital era.
  3. We have built strong relationships with our enterprise customers by providing enterprise-grade solutions and services over the past several years.
  1. Our flexible infrastructure gives large businesses the digital tools they need to reinvent and grow in a dynamic environment.
  2. Our solutions reduce the cost and complexity of managing global communications, while giving clear cost visibility and worldwide control of all assets.
  3.  Our Mobility, Connectivity, Cloud, Communications, and IoT solutions are helping large businesses create new products, revenue streams and routes to market.
  4. With our transformative solutions, large businesses can respond faster while gaining insight, controlling costs, and managing security effectively.
  1. Our company is fully committed towards the Government’s vision of Digital India
  2. We believe that IoT has the potential to grow multi-fold in the near future amidst the government’s push towards ‘Digital India’ and ‘Smart Cities’.
  3. We are a single point, trusted partner that serves the needs of today’s Enterprises and Government Bodies.
  4. We did it for Guwahati Municipal Corporation’s (GMC) Smart City programme:
    This is one example of the intelligent technology we bring to the table under Vi’s Enterprise Mobility offerings. We provided more than 2500 Vi™ Mobility SIMs which helped the GMC to remotely connect with their workers – each SIM was enabled with our Vi™ Business location tracking solution.
  5. We also helped Digital and Atma Nirbhar Bharat:
    Here we made Government services easily accessible to citizens with our communication solutions – transforming how public services are delivered to citizens.
  6. We believe that VIL, with its differentiated end-to-end IoT solutions, is well positioned for the Digital India vision
  1. Our tailor-made solutions are carefully curated by considering the diverse range of SMEs in India and the unique set of challenges that accompany them.
  2. Our SME portfolio is backed by a strong, integrated, ever-dependable, dynamic, and self-reliant network to improve data experience.
  3. It is supported by a range of digital transformation solutions and partnerships, that will help SMEs with digitalisation, collaboration, security, networking, customer engagement and workforce management
  4. We have helped multiple businesses go online to engage and serve customers and in new geographies. From bakers to event management companies, we have a wide range of business owners that take their business online with our diverse solution like ViTM Website Builder.
  5. SME customers, especially in the education, health, and retail sectors, are adopting cloud-based communication solutions.
    For example, our CTS Lead Management and CTS Auto Receptionist solutions ensure 24x7 customer contactability and business continuity.
  6. We also ensure remote working and workforce productivity through Mobility and Collaboration solutions.
    ViTM Business Plus, our industry-leading mobility plans come with a host of value-added services like location tracking, mobile security, entertainment and more –  to enable the remote workforce during the pandemic. These bundles also come with data pooling thereby enabling employees of SMBs to share data quota and helps manage mobility expenses optimally.
  7. We have increased our outreach to MSMEs through our partnerships with CII –TechSaksham. These engagements are 100% digital and the focus is to offer advice while increasing the awareness of positive impact of adoption of Digital products & services.
  8. We continue to serve our SME customers using Digital tools such as Vi App, Vi™ Business Mobility and Vi™ Business Wireline for a contactless experience for all their needs
  1. VIL has now ended its network integration of erstwhile Vodafone and Idea, and has launched GIGAnet – a superior, integrated 4G network for its users.
  2. GIGAnet is the result of the largest network integration completed in record time and the world's largest DSR (Dynamic Spectrum Refarming) exercise. It has India’s largest AI-powered Massive MIMOs sites along with the largest deployment of universal cloud.
  3. Added ~6,400 4G FDD sites primarily through refarming of 2G/3G spectrum to expand 4G coverage and capacity, as on Q1 FY22.
  4. 4G coverage and capacity increase is a top priority for us. We are committed to continuously improving our customers’ experience on our network. Our GIGAnet 4G coverage extends to over ~1 billion Indians.
  5. Our network has been highly rated.
  6. We also have the highest rated voice quality in the country as per TRAI’s “MyCall” app data between November 2020 and June 2021 (except in the month of May).
  7. Thus, we are significantly ahead of our competition when it comes to network experience in all areas.
  1. We have made great strides in making our telecom and IT network 5G ready. Our network transformation journey began 3 years ago with our integration, when we started deploying 5G ready technologies.
  2. We have been deploying equipment which is 5G ready on both radio and core. We have the advantage of having the latest 4G equipment and technologies, which are capable of upgrade to 5G, at our disposal.
  3. We have made substantial progress in deploying several 5G ready technologies such as, Massive MIMO, DSR, Cloudification of core and more, and they are central to our strategy for future growth. We are already using many 5G technologies and our customers have been enjoying those technologies on our network today.
  4. We have also executed the largest edge cloud deployment in the country.
  5. Recently, we tested dynamic spectrum sharing as a feature between the 4G and 5G, on our existing 4G spectrum.
  6. We have also initiated 5G trials with our major Network partners Nokia & Ericsson on the freshly allocated 5G spectrum in 2 cities - Pune and Gandhinagar.
  7. Our 5G test beds are now ready. The next few quarters will see trials of 5G and India-specific use cases.
  8. Post March 2021’s spectrum auction, our overall spectrum holding is 1,768.4 MHz across different frequency bands, out of which 1,738.4 MHz spectrum is liberalised and can be used towards the deployment of any technology (2G, 3G, 4G or 5G).
  9. We can also leverage technological innovation & global best practices from our parent company, the Vodafone group, which has deployed 5G in many global markets.